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Plating Made Easy: Feast with Your Eyes

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

I will show you how easy it is to make all your meals exciting and beautiful to eat and will awaken all of your senses.

It is well known that “We eat with our eyes first,” yet so many people don't take the time to make their dishes the most beautiful dish they can. With work on our shoulders, the house to clean the baby crying, we just don't take the time.

Example lets look at a food such as lemons, the first thing you see makes your mouth water without even tasting it. Even a comfort food, or something you ate as a child. I know that when I see homemade pasta without eating it... takes me back seeing my mother in the kitchen making pasta for Sunday lunch. What you see will likely tingle your taste bids or feel emotion, and you may even associate what you see with flavors your love or hate. Our eyes act as a gateway to appreciating the food we will cook and eat. This is a great time to consider where your food came from and how it was grown, and if you're eating a meal, you can reflect on the work that went into preparing it. Creating a beautiful dish will let you appreciate the beauty of food... where it comes from... to your plate, that little extra time to make it so beautiful that you can't wait to dig in and finally to your mouth.

"Chew mindfully...let food be thy medicine for your body and soul"

For now here's the video below on how to...stay tuned for the written recipe

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