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Connie D

Italian vegan chef

Welcome to my vegan kitchen, here you will find a delectable array of RAW vegan dishes and TRADITIONAL and TRANSITIONAL vegan dishes for people who are trying to transition to a vegan diet and lifestyle. Being that I myself eat mostly RAW ...well 97% RAW I still had and have to cook for family members who eat traditional foods. So since I have been asked to share some of those dishes for people who want to go vegan and are having a hard time letting go of certain foods. I decided to share with you the dishes that I love creating for my family and friends. Even though my name is RAWsome I love to share some of my AWEsome dishes with all of you, along with someRAW (RAWsome) dishes I eat.


Coming from an Italian family I had to learn how to make all the Italian dishes we loved so much and veganize it. Now so many years of being vegan I have pretty much mastered it :) Hope you will all enjoy my recipes! Feel free to comment and share these recipes with your family and friends. 

Coming from an artistic background, I also bring my art to my dishes I create. I not only make my dishes delicious but also beautiful and artistic. "Feast with your eyes first...then feed your body and soul"

 "If we can live happy and healthy lives without harming others...why wouldn't we."


my artwork....dolls and sculptures


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